The Master of Management (MM) – UBAYA study program offers the following 5 (five) concentrations

1. Creative Marketing

The Creative Marketing concentration is targeted to students who wish for exploring marketing thoroughly, related to up-to-date practices and phenomena. In addition, this concentration also widens students‘ horizons related to the development of marketing practices in business as well as effective communication of marketing strategies. Students will discuss the most contemporary marketing cases and their solutions.

2. Investment Management

The Investment Management concentration focuses on investment management through capital market mechanisms and other financial transactions. Students will be given financial cases in Indonesia and the world and discuss with financial experts and practitioners. Additionally, students are also equipped with the psychology of investing so that students do understand not only the fundamental approach to investing but also behavioral investing.

3. Human Capital Development

The Human Capital Development concentration focuses on the management of HR based on the latest patterns, with added specialization in the process of forming quality HR through training and career management. In addition, HR management is closely related to improving HR performance; thus, a better HR assessment system needs to be developed. Students will be equipped with the latest theories, concepts, and practices in HRM, as well as the latest HR cases.

4. Logistics & Operations Management

The Logistics and Operations Management concentration is designed to teach knowledge and at the same time, form expertise in logistics and operations management, both within manufacturing and service businesses. Students will get the logistics and operations management material needed to make short-term, long-term, and tactical business decisions.

5. Strategic Management

The Strategic Management concentration is designed to teach knowledge and at the same time, form strategic expertise to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the company. Students will get strategic management materials in an increasingly turbulent business environment. For this reason, students are equipped with the knowledge to integrate strategic management with an entrepreneurial spirit; business restructuring; and the ability to develop strategies in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

The MM-UBAYA Semester Course Planning is as follows:


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